“If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”
― William Arthur Ward

Kseniya Oudenot launched her eponymous accessories label in 2010. Inspired by the simplicity and architecture, the designer creates pared-back bags that transcend seasonal trends. At the centre of her philosophy is a no-fuss aesthetic that results in sleek, polished hardware, minimal embellishments and no logos. The focus is on jewellery-like highly artistic embellishments that are designed to be changed, paired or removed, giving client a variety of options and an endless field of possibilities thus cutting the need for buying more bags. Expert craftsmen produce the label’s pieces using the finest materials. Look out for the carry-everywhere totes, versatile shoulder bags and structured evening bags.

Since its launch, Kzeniya brand was immediately adored by celebrities worldwide, including Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Julia Roberts, Ginnifer Goodwin, Brandy, and many others. Rapidly the brand was snapped up by the leading department stores, luxury boutiques, leading online and concept stores in over 42 stores in 17 countries.

We are a winner of a prestigious Vogue Talents Award, an initiative by Franca Sozzani and Anna Wintour.

When Kseniya become a mother she decided to dedicate time to her family, so the brand was paused. In the next 5 years Kseniya emerged as a multimedia artist and environmentalist. Eventually when she was ready to relaunch Kzeniya brand, things could not go back to the usual. Both the designer and the world have changed. Being a vegan Kseniya realised a need for accessories made of non-animal materials, and being an environmentalist, she could not settle on faux leather, PU materials made of plastic composition. After a long search, we now teamed up with the revolutionary material scientists, our products are made of unique, never-seen before materials of organic composition, derived from by-product of fruits and herbs. We celebrate nature and make accessories of natural origin by embracing the concept of circular fashion. 

Kzeniya is a recent winner of The Worth Award, EU initiative and is on the mission to change the handbag sector.

Our bags are manufactured in Italy, Venice. They are laser cut and stitched by hand.